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Our Mission


Be Nourished was born out of a recognition for the collective need to rest, with an acknowledgement that it often feels hard to slow down, and that it’s not as simple as pausing to get still.


Chrissie & Hannah have both struggled with their relationship to doing less, resisting the inherent urge to be soft, to pause and fill back up; something they’ve had to rekindle slowly and over time, taking gentle steps to undo the well-worn habit of striving, achieving and pushing.


Through their continual practice of self-inquiry, asking questions such as “Who am I when I’m nourished?” “What does nourishment look like and feel like for me?” “How does it feel to be deeply rested” “What waits for me in the pause?” ~ they began to unearth answers that started to pave the way for celebrating rest, prioritising stillness & pause, and making room to remember all that sweetness rediscovered behind life’s rush.


The intention for Be Nourished is to create safe spaces where you can explore your own relationship to self care; to find permission to pause; to create the feeling of space and relief; to be held in a community of like-minded souls who are ready to embrace the power & potential of rest.


Through a myriad of practices like Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Guided Relaxation (Savasana), Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing and more, the invitation is to explore what rest & replenishment might look like for you. Chrissie & Hannah share practices that seek to cultivate lasting & sustainable change, as well as providing you with simple tools that will help you to navigate life through a softer lens and with a deeper connection to Self.

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