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The Be Nourished Community

"The final force that aids us in our work is the Sangha, the community of others who are undertaking the journey along with us"


Will Johnson

Upcoming online offering

Upcoming Online Offerings

Opportunities to gather as a collective in support of each other feeling vital, vibrant and whole...

The Rest Collective

Tuesday 23rd April ~ 8:00pm BST


A short & sweet gathering to rest, collectively, in support of each other feeling vital, vibrant and whole. Some simple movement to release tension/ stagnation within the body, and enliven your pranic experience. Subtle work with breath to optimise diaphragmatic breathing. Guided systematic relaxation (savasana) to unite body, breath & mind, and dissolve into an experience of nourishment, sweetness and ease.


Retreats & Events

Retreats & Events 2023

Give yourself the gift of time, immerse in practice and come home to everything that you are behind life's rush...

RETREAT: Be Nourished ~ Norfolk, UK

 10-13 May 2024

A weekend to pause and seek deep, replenishing rest.


RETREAT: Nourished By Breath ~ Corfu, Greece

 15-21 September 2024

Join us for this week long retreat and learn how to use the breath as a soothing balm that seeks to release stored tension in body & mind, returning us to a state of wholeness and ease.


Meet the Co-Founders

Chrissie & Hannah are dedicated students and mentors of yoga & meditation seeking to share the practices and tools that help to bridge ancient wisdom with modern science, inviting you to slow down, just a little, and remember what it is to pause.

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Chrissie Chung

Chrissie's love affair with yoga started in India 8 years ago, and it has since brought her all around the world to both study and teach. 

What started as a purely physical practice gently evolved into a spiritual journey home. Her heart is firmly rooted in sharing the incredible potential of practice in it's magic and simplicity, as a path towards uncovering greater fulfilment, freedom and joy.


Hannah Yoga (13).jpg

Hannah Campbell

Hannah’s first real taste of Yoga was during a retreat in 2014. ‘There is a vivid memory of turning to her friend one morning and asking, "What are you thinking about?" To which her friend replied, "Nothing..." She realised that whatever this was, she needed to learn how to share it too.


For Hannah, Yoga represents a kind of calm spaciousness, yet rich fullness that can really only be experienced through practice. It’s Hannah’s intention to guide you to that space, so that you become familiar with what resides within, with the power to return there always.


How Being Nourished Changes Our Lives

Turns restlessness
into ease

Practices to soothe the nervous system

Creates space
& time

Permission to do

a little less

Helps us to feel whole

Releasing tension and resistance


Builds a healthy relationship to mind

Nourishment is something that gives to you without taking anything else away...

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